Michael Boroughs- is a faculty, Assistant in Research, at the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute. His most recently published articles in the area of body image include: Exercise Status and Sexual Orientation as Moderators of Body Image Disturbance and Eating Disorders in Males. His research interests include body image and physical attractiveness issues in males. Current projects underway include further study of body depilation in males, specifically, the development of the Body Depilation Questionnaire (BoDeQ); as well as collaboration with other researchers on issues of male body image such as muscularity and steriod use.

Guy Cafri - will be a first-year graduate student in the Department of psychology at USF this Fall and has worked in the lab for two years prior to his entrance into the graduate program. His general interest is in the assessment of male body image and body change behaviors, although the concentration of his work has been in the area of methodological issues surrounding male body image assessment. Other interests include assessment of tanning attitudes and behaviors.  

Gretchen Haselhuhn - is a fourth-year graduate student in the clinical psychology program. Gretchen has two major interests.  One is how adolescent male body image is affected by the media.  She is currently analyzing pilot data for her thesis which will be the development and validation of the Media Influence Scale for Boys (MISAB).  Her other interest is in the area of body image as it applies to the medical community. She wishes to explore the connection between medical illness and body image. 

Sylvia Herbozo -  is currently a second year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program. Sylvia's research interests are body image and eating disorders. She hopes to work at a university and continue conducting research in the growing areas of eating disorders treatment and prevention. 

Susan Himes - is a second-year graduate student. She worked as a volunteer for the National Eating Disorders Organization.  Susan recently assisted the Laureate Research Department with their contribution as one site in an international genetic study of anorexia.  She is interested in developmental and social factors that contribute to body image disturbance and eating disorders.

Megan Roehrig - is a third-year graduate student. She is currently completing her master's thesis which examines intervention strategies for reducing body image disturbance and eating disordered behavior in at-risk college women.

Hemal Shroff - is a fourth-year graduate student and is currently working on her dissertation. Her research interests include parent, peer and media influences that impact the body image of adolescent girls and cross cultural aspects of body image and eating disorders research. Her dissertation is an examination of peer-related risk and protective factors that impact the body image of adolescent girls.

Patricia van den Berg - is interested in sociocultural influences on body image and methodology.  

Yuko Yamamiya - is a first-year graduate student in the doctoral program. She has completed her Masters in clinical psychology at Old Dominion University in Virginia. Her research interests are body-image disturbances among young population across different cultures and social factors that influence body-image development. Her current research project is about men's internalization of sociocultural ideal of female media image and how the internalization levels affect the men's evaluation of "real life" women in their lives.


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